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the symbol for Light Flight

Light Flight made site history moments ago by getting dominance three times in a row - despite Nature putting up an amazing fight and 20% "battle weariness" from the previous victories. Any other Acolights now out of money? (Don't worry, Ice and Water are conquesting next!) Any non-Acolights now completely full of money? (You're welcome!)

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So when [personal profile] yhlee's book Ninefox Gambit came out, I made a fandragon for a character before realizing that the character had actually done something very bad. (She did it secretly and while one of the characters in the scene saw it, the POV character didn't and neither did I until I reread the scene.)

Yoon helpfully provided me the name of a character in Raven Stratagem whom I could use as a namesake for the dragon (since she's a very pretty dragon), so I renamed the dragon... and now that Raven Stratagem is out on shelves, I bought Stained for Rahal Zaniin:

a furry, gray-and-bronze dragon wearing a wolf-pelt cape
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If you haven't logged in today, you should, they did a cute art change for April 1.
Screenshot under the cut for anyone who missed it )


Mar. 25th, 2017 12:09 pm
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So I picked up this dragon as fodder back in August:

a feathery black dragon with pale circuit markings

And I said to myself, "Self, that dragon would be fantastic with cream rather than antique!" At that point there were literally no obsidian/obsidian/cream dragons for sale, however. Not a one! So I looked for male dragons that were obsidian/obsidian/maize circuit; also not a one. (There were obs/obs/maize dragons. Just not with circuit.) So, I picked up this gentleman and resigned myself to breeding the dragon I wanted:

a leathery black dragon with pale pink circuit markings

Each and every hatchling that those two dragons made had a 1/8th chance of being a female with cream. It took September, October, November, December, January, February, and finally a nest in Msrch, but at last:

a feathery black dragon with pale orange circuit markings

There were twenty-one hatchlings, because the final nest had four, but Cheris there was the nineteenth. For a 1/8th chance, getting the dragon on the 19th try is... not bad, given how long some breeding projects take! (At least neither of them were coatls.) In total, there were 3 with cream - 14.3% rather than 25%. There were 2 Skydancers - 9.52% rather than 15%. (Cheris was not one of them when she hatched, either. Shh.) However, instead of 10 or 11 female hatchlings, there were 13, so... the RNG didn't entirely hate me? :v

Anyone else complete (or give up on) a project recently?

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It's quite possible I am imagining it. EDIT: Apparently it's been changing for some time! There's a theory that he may be changing into a new breed or something.

Also is anyone else too much of a sook to boil up their familiars? I can't even sell them any more in case someone else boils them.

(Also hello :))

New Colors?

Jun. 8th, 2016 01:59 am
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Hey, it's the third anniversary! Did anyone else have clutches hatching today? Is anyone else champing at the bit to log in and actually hatch their dragons?

Show off your new babies! I wanna coo and squeal over them like a doting auntie.
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Seems this comm has been abandoned for a while. Is anyone still around and playing?

I am, and since I was recently laid off, dragon time is my reward for each day's worth of job hunting.

I missed a lot of the festivals last year, so if anyone is still playing and has spares/unwanted copies of festival skins, maybe we can trade?
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My red imperial pair are sitting on a nest of three eggs that's ready to hatch. I'll probably be putting the hatchlings up for 15K, unless there are any surprise doubles/triples. Community members can get them for 10K, just drop me a note here or at my profile sometime during the next three days.
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I'm not getting so much out of the game anymore, TBH.

Any of my unnameds (including the newborn CryFace imps on the last page and their cry/shim sib) are available for free. Send me a CR.

Ditto any of my veteran dragons, starting with Azmiragd (the obsidian/green/leaf circuit skydancer lady) on page 3 of my lair and on back through the end of the lair. I have a pair of Imps that wil throw Piebald/Paint babies, a pair of CryFace Nocs, green pairs and singles, and more.

The last dozen or so before the new purple imp babies are cheap-bought fodder or leftover dragons that didn't sell from recent clutches, but heck, if you want them, send me a CR.

If you like the gear (apparel, skins) belonging to any of the dragons you buy and want to have that along with them, send me a PM in the game, and I'll load you up.

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New players, veteran players, occasional players, all are welcome!

Send the 1T crossroads to onlysmallwings and the dragon of your choice is all yours! I'll keep them around through the weekend and will exalt on Monday or Tuesday next week.

Dragons! )
[personal profile] jinian
Sorry, Nature folks, your raffle is gentle and lovely mothwings, but it cannot compete with this thread. :)
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All named, because they're exalt fodder otherwise. If you're new to the game as of this reg window, welcome! Send jaqattaq a Crossroads Trade for 1t and take your pick of the litter. If you're an old(er) hand, make me a decent offer on them. They're all iri/shim/smoke, ready to train in the coli; first two are male and the second set are ladies.

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I'm yhlee on Flight Rising--drop a comment with your username and I'll send the CR for 1T.

Read more... )
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Having been sucked into Ingress, I've been neglecting my dragons, and have a bunch of unnamed ones sitting around. Some are on AH, but I'll pull them off for you if you want.

Nocs, Imps, and Noodles, oh my!

All Unnamed dergs on page 3 and page 4 of my lair are up for grabs.

eta: FR name is now TesserWings!
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It flattened my entire party. I suppose they felt the need to have a Boss Monster there ... although Harpy's Roost still doesn't have one. And the Coarsefur Yeti in Boreal Wood is pretty pathetic compared with the Gold/Silverbeasts in Rainsong Jungle or the Mantarune or Wavesweeper in Kelp Beds.

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Sentient Alloy, here I come!

So, any thoughts about Baldwin and his Brew?

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Free for you guys if you want them.

hatchies... )

adults )
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As usual, I'm asking half what I could expect to make on AH: they are all 25 KT or 75 gems (except the lone CryShim - she is FREE for any of you folks).

Cut for young dragons and hatchies )

Let me if you'd like any of them, and I will send you a CR.

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There's a new registration window coming up June 13th! It runs 05:30 on the 13th to 05:30 on the 14th, server time. (Pacific Time zone, GMT -8)

Is anyone following the comm who is looking to join? What flight do you think you'll join? Do you have any questions?


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